Friday, March 27, 2009


Wednesday night we had the scare of our life. Our son called, and all he said was "Mom" and I could tell by the way he said it that something was wrong. I said "What's wrong". He said "I'm at the hospital" and I said "with who and are they OK" and he told me the story. Our grandson Jake plays shot put for the school track team and he accidentally got hit in the head and the thumb while picking up the shot puts. He was picking them up when someone yelled "watch out" and he put his hand up to his head to block the thing and it hit his thumb and his head. Well his thumb exploded and his head got cut too. He has 8 staples in his head and they had to get a finger specialist to operate on his thumb. He now has rods in his thumb which will stay there for 4 weeks and then get taken out and then it will be 6 weeks before he can move it and then he will have to start therapy to try to get the movement back in his thumb. I saw his thumb before they fixed it and it was really a mess. I am really surprised they were able to fix it. They did check his head for brain damage and all to make sure everything is all right there too. I just can't imagine what would have happened if his hand had not blocked it and the full force had hit his head. They didn't even have to shave his head as the shot put took the hair off where it hit. We went over to see him yesterday evening at his home and he is doing fine. A bit sore and in some pain, but fine.

Yesterday was my busy day. I started of with my book club at the library and then went to visit my ladies and had a stop at church in between and then stopped to see some more ladies and got home about 4pm and then Terry and I went over to see Jake. By the time we got home at 8pm I was exhausted. Today I'm taking it easy and we're going to our church's fish fry for dinner.
Nothing really planed for the weekend. Enjoy your weekend all. Hugs.

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