Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Yep, it's snowing again and only 27 degrees. Our driveway is like and ice skating rink. We have to take a run at it to get up and into the garage and sometimes it takes more than one try. The sun doesn't hit it long enough to melt it. They did shovel it but then we had it sleet over that and it froze and it's just a mess and now more snow over the top of it. Thank goodness they are talking in the 40's and even possibly the 50's maybe this weekend. I'm ready.

Not much going on around here. We watched the Super Bowl on Sunday, and wow what a good game, and I was only watching it so I could see the commercials. But it turned out to be a great game. Yesterday we had dinner with our retired friends and nothing planed for today. Have a pork roast cooking in the oven. Hugs.

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