Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday the 30th

First of all Terry did make it home Wednesday but not until about 11PM. He had to take a different flight as his flight got delayed and the he took one to Atlanta and go stuck there for 2 hours. Finally got a flight to Cincinnati and Arrived about 10:30 and got home allot later than he was supposed to, but at least he made it and were we glad to see him. What a night! I spent it sitting on the throne!!! Boy was that fun. Had my colonoscopy on Thursday and all went well. No problems but the doctor took couple of biopsy's to run tests on to see if he can find out why I have such a problem with diarrhea, because nothing actually showed up. Will get the results back from those next week. He said he would call and let me know what sort of course of action he wants me to take. Right now I take 2 pills 3 times a day to keep me from having diarrhea and you have to take other medicines 1 hour before or 4 hrs after taking them and it can get to be a problem, so I'm hoping he can come up with something else. Anyway yesterday after the colonoscopy I was told I could eat lightly so I had a half of a ham sandwich and I had diarrhea the rest of the day. I forgot to get back on my pills. I was so tired and sore and exhausted and still am. Today it's dry toast for me. Well that's my sad story. Well having Terry home is not sad that's great. Have a good weekend all. Hugs.

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