Thursday, February 5, 2009


Tonight is dulcimer lessons and I am so far behind that I thought about not going but this is the start of the intermediate classes and I really hate to miss, so I guess I'm going. I may need to get some private lessons to catch up. I didn't practice or play between Thanksgiving and the New Years and I really kind of lost interest and now I'm really trying to get back into it. I've been practicing the last couple of weeks trying to catch up. I do OK by myself but when it gets to playing with a tape or with a group, I just can't seem to keep up, and I really have problems remembering things. I know it's good for me, so I'm really trying to hang in there. So anyway, I am going to go tonight and see how it goes.

Terry is going over his nephews tonight. He wants to get into reloading ammunition and Terry is going to get him started. He's told him all the stuff he'd need and I think he's pretty well bought it all and now he wants Terry to show him how to do it. I know he'll enjoy his evening.

Right now it is still only 22 degrees but it is supposed to get up to 50 this weekend, and am I ready for that. Hopefully all the snow will melt, especially off our driveway. It does look pretty but I've seen enough for one winter. I'm ready for nicer weather. Hugs.

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