Thursday, February 19, 2009


I get a new Zelda page every day, but I thought this one was especially cute, so I thought I'd post it. They have the cutest pictures of bulldogs on them everyday all dressed up in costumes and one is cuter than the other. Tuesday Terry and I got out of the house and went to the Ester Price Candy Store in Cincinnati where you can find exactly the kind of candy you like the best. Well we did, and we bought 6 boxes, I think. Yes we splurged. Terry got his opera creams, 2 boxes, that he loves, and I got my turtles that I love and caramels, and honeycombs, and oh, all are dark chocolate and are so so good. I can't believe we did that. Then since we were in Cincinnati we called our friends to see if they wanted to go to dinner with us and sure enough they said yes. So we went over their house and then the four of us went to LaRosa's for spaghetti a plenty for dinner. It was so good and the company was great. We always have fun with this couple. They are the folks Terry use to work with the hubby and we use to go camping with them when our kids we little and we've been friends for years.
Yesterday I had lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in 2 or more years and it was so good to see her. I have missed her so much and I'm so glad we have connected again. She has married since I've seen her and she seems so happy and I'm so glad for her. We knew she was planning on getting married but we were worried for her because it is to a younger Arab man that she met on line and then came over to the USA and we were worried he was marrying her for the wrong reasons. Well I guess we were wrong as she seem so very happy and I am so very happy for her and seeing her was so good. We sat and talked for over two hours and I hope to do it again soon.
Today I am probably just going to practice my dulcimer as we have class and a meeting tonight, so I need to practice as I'm not doing to well. I need to practice, practice, practice. Hugs.

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