Monday, February 16, 2009


Yes, I'm freezing again. It's cold outside, well it's not that bad, but it is cold. Not as cold as it got a couple of weeks ago but it's cold. Well we had a nice weekend. Saturday we did end up going to some basketball games, which they won, and then since we'd already had our Valentine dinner we just stopped at Taco Bell which was fine with me. I love that. Came home and had a nice quiet evening at home. Sunday we went to mass and then spent the day at home watching TV, reading and practicing my dulcimer. I also spent part of my day on the computer on Facebook joining that and trying to figure out how to work that, and then I ran into Lois and got to talked to her. That made for a nice chat. Still not sure how that all works but I guess I'll learn.

Today Terry went shooting with his nephew and I'm playing on the computer between doing loads of laundry and changing the bed linens. Need to practice some more too. When Terry gets home he's got a big steak waiting for us to grill for dinner. Tomorrow I go to get my hair highlighted as it's really grown out since I had it done before Christmas. My hair right now is longer than I've had it in years and I'd like to try to keep letting it grow for awhile as I'm liking it, but we'll see what happens when it gets warm. I might want to cut it all off. Well, have a nice day all.

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