Friday, February 20, 2009


Well not much going on today. I went to dulcimer class last night and I didn't feel like I was able to keep up. I guess I just need to practice more. It's just not clicking with me yet so I guess I need more practice. I feel like I don't have rhythm or something, but I'll keep trying.

Today I'm gonna run the sweeper and you know that usually wears me out, so I'm glad Terry has a steak out that he can fix for dinner and I have left over spaghetti from when we went out the other nite that I can have, as the steak is a smaller one and I'm sure he can eat it all.

Saturday we'll probably go watch Patti's youngest play basketball as he is in the finals of a tournament. So we're hoping they win that. Probably end up eating somewhere with the gang afterwards which is always fun. Then Sunday will be a day of reading and watching TV or doing whatever. Practicing probably sometime in there too!! Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

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