Friday, February 27, 2009


Yesterday was an exhausting day. I was out running most of the day and when I finally got home about 4:30, I was really tired and I thought Patti and the kids were coming for dinner as I had a swiss steak cooking in the crock pot. But then I read my e-mails and found out they weren't coming and was I ever glad, especially since our dish washer is broken and we have a part on order. Well Terry and I enjoy a delicious dinner and then I did the dishes manually which was fun. Haven't done that in awhile, well not for a whole meal. I saw water on the floor yesterday and after Terry got in and looked at the dishwasher he found a faulty part, so it's on order, but we won't get it until Monday and we're having company for dinner on Saturday. That should be fun.

Today we have Adam with us. Terry went and picked him up from school as he doesn't feel good. His throat hurts. Patti is trying to get him into see the doctor, so we shall see. The doctor is right up the street. Meanwhile I'm going to make my meatballs for tomorrow and clean 4 lbs of strawberries too. Don't want to have to do it all tomorrow. But I might get stopped to take Adam to the doctor. Oh well. My nephew and his family are coming over tomorrow night. Funny Terry is close to his nephew and I am close to my one nephew too. Sunday we will rest. Hope you all have a nice weekend. Hugs.

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