Sunday, March 1, 2009


We had a great evening last night with my nephew and his wife and their two boys that came over for dinner. My homemade spaghetti and meatballs was delicious. I ended up making 45 meatballs so we'd have plenty of left overs for this week. We love my meatballs. Anyway we had a nice time and Patti and the family stopped over to say hello but the didn't stay long, except Patti who ended up staying all evening. Jeff and Patti always had a special relationship. He lived in Mississippi at one time and Patti and some of her friends even went down there on vacation and spent time with Jeff. He was really close to New Orleans, so they went there too. So she and Jeff have always been close. The two of them drank our beer and got funnier and funnier and had a blast talking about old times. Their one son is almost 3 and what a character he is. He's like the wind up bunny, he's so busy and into everything and the other son who is 9 is so quiet you don't even know he's there. We really enjoyed their visit. I left the dishes go last night and did them today since our dishwasher is broken, but I did rinse them well last night so it wasn't too bad doing them today. Now today Terry and I are both tired and are enjoy a day of doing absolutely nothing or whatever we want to. A little playing around on the computer, some reading, and a bit of TV too and maybe even a nap. A lazy day. All sounds good to me. Hugs.

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