Monday, February 23, 2009


Hope everyone had a nice weekend. It sure was cold enough. Sure enough we went to a basketball game on Saturday night. First, Terry and I went out to eat, just at Frisch's but hey, I didn't have to cook so it was great to me and then we went and saw Adam play in his tournament game. He's in the third grade and plays with fifth graders and is that kid good. They were on fire. The whole team played great and they won 43 to 22 and got trophy's and were so excited. It was a great game and a great end to the season.
Sunday we went to Mass and Patti and the family sat with us and afterwards Patti said what's for dinner? Well we were on our way to Kroger's so we ended up getting 3 Amish chickens and Terry fixed chicken and dumplings and I cleaned and cut up strawberries for over angel food cake and also made brownies, and we also had fresh asparagus which they fought over. That surprised me. Once again they said the Cracker Barrel was great. lol. That's what they call us whenever they eat at our house. It was a nice dinner and fun with the kids and all, but was a mess to clean up. They had lots to do, so I said go ahead and go home, I'd clean up. Afterwards Terry and I did some reading since there wasn't anything on TV except the Oscars.
So begins a new week and I'm doing laundry today. Ain't we go fun. Hugs.

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