Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday/Inauguration Day

Well we have a new President. I have been watching the inauguration on TV most of the day. It's been awe inspiring and the mass of humanity that is there is unbelievable. They say there are 2 million people there. Wow, what a wonderful show of admiration for our new President that, that many people are there on this cold and windy day to show their support. Who ever thought we'd see a black President in our lifetime. I'm not sure if I did or not. I know the black people sure didn't think they would and that's what makes this President so much more appealing. He's started from nothing and made it to become President of the United States. Wow what a story. We're starting a new period in our history and I pray our new President will be guided by God and his conscience and make decisions which are for the good of the country. He's got such an awesome job and so much responsibility and I wish him luck cause he's sure going to need it, and God be with him. Now I'm going to watch the parade and the inaugural balls tonight.

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