Friday, January 23, 2009


Well it's finally warmed up a bit, at least it did yesterday and today. I finally got out yesterday and did some visiting and some running. I visited my Aunt and Uncle who live over in Cincinnati and are both 91. My uncle has lung cancer but seems to be holding his own. He is getting very frail looking and looks very tired, but he takes one day at a time and enjoys what he has. My Aunt looks good (she is my dad's sister) and is as cute as ever. She broke her hip about a year ago and that slowed her down plus she has arthritis bad in both her knees. She probably needs both knees replaced but she doesn't want to and at her age I don't blame her. Anyway it was great to see them. Then I went to the library and got some new books and then to the grocery to pick up some things and also to get my Rx's. I got home about 6:00 and I was plenty tired.

I tried to download the updated version of my antivirus protection and ran into some problems but I finally got that resolved this morning. Had to go into McAfee web site and talk to one of their techs to get a removal tool to remove a certain thing on my computer before I could download the updated version. Once I removed the junk I had no problem downloading the new version.

Well Terry might be coming home soon. Alan is allowed to drive. He doesn't go to the cancer doc for two more weeks and he seems to be doing very well. He does have lymphoma but they said they got it all and it hasn't spread anywhere else so whether he has to take chemo of not remains to be seen. Anyway, he is doing so well that Terry may come home in a few days. We are working on getting his plane ticket date changed. Yippee!! I really miss him bad and I know Winnie does too!!!

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