Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Jan. 19th

Still very cold out, only 19 right now. So all the ice on the apron of the driveway is not melting. So I feel sorta of stuck in the house, not that I have anywhere that I really want to go, but I'm just afraid that if I do go out that maybe I might not be able to get back up the hill of the driveway because of the ice on it. Our sump pump drains out the side of the house and then drains towards the front of the house which is where the driveway is and it's all settled right on the apron of the driveway, and it is a big slippery mess. I can't wait for the temperature to go above freezing so it will melt.

Anyway I had a nice weekend. We went to Adam's basketball game which he won and had Jared's celebration for his birthday which was nice and Sunday was Mass and then I stayed home and watched TV (mostly lifetime movies) all day. Our one neighbors, the one we stayed with when we had the fire, brought me over a pan of Lasagna. I thought that was so nice and thoughtful. She was making some so she made a little extra for me. They are the sweetest folks. They are the ones with the two bulldogs. Great folks. I'll have that for dinner tonight.

I have no plans for the week so if I don't write it's because I have nothing to write about. Terry is doing fine down in Florida and his cousin is doing pretty well. Still haven't gotten the results from his surgery. I miss Terry like crazy. I talked to him every day. It's just so quiet and lonely around the house and I know Winnie misses him too. Well have a nice day all. Hugs.

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