Thursday, January 15, 2009


Well Terry got off to Florida this morning. We had to get up at 6:30 this morning which you know is really, really early for us. His flight was at 8:50 but he was supposed to be there 2hrs early but we thought that was a bit silly so we got him there at 7:05 and he had no problems. In fact if took them an hour to de-ice the plane. He called about 12:30 to let me know he got there OK. He wasn't able to get a buddy pass so our son got him a ticket and ended up using his sky miles which we thought was awfully nice of him. We didn't even know he had such a thing. We just finally called him and asked him since he flew allot if he'd get Terry a flight out of here ASAP and that's when he told us, so it worked out well.

The above picture is of Winnie getting a bath. She has ringworm and we are supposed to give her a bath w medicated shampoo at least twice a week. Well usually Terry does it and I'm the dryer. Well today I am going to attempt to do both. Give her the shower or bath w/ a hand held shower head and then dry her off, so wish me luck. Glad we have a big shower stall and a big bathroom. I'm sure that will wear me out and the only other thing I have planned for today is to take my one grandson to guitar lessons early this evening and then I'll come home and watch Gray's Anatomy and Private Practice and then do some reading after the news.

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