Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Wow is it cold out. 17 degrees, now that's what I call really cold. Yesterday I went and visited my lady friend at the nursing home and then I did some running afterward, as I wanted to get it done before it got really cold. Yesterday was bad enough, in the 20's. Today, I'm doing laundry and Terry is going to meet his nephew and they are going to some gun shop together where his nephew has never been.

Terry will definitely be going to Florida, probably Thursday or Friday, we hope. Patti is working on getting him a buddy pass from her friend that works at Delta Airlines. Terry wanted to drive and I didn't want him to and she didn't either and said she would talk to her friends who work at Delta and get him a buddy pass so he could fly so he said OK, he would fly. Thank goodness. I didn't want him driving down there all by himself with his back and shoulder problems, but he is so stubborn. No, I won't be going, as Alan can't be around dogs, so that means we couldn't take Winnie. They are really worried about infection, so I'll stay home. We have no one that can watch Winnie. Patti already has two dogs and our neighbors do too and our son has 8 kids and I wouldn't even ask him. So I'll just stay home. I'll be fine, especially with Patti and her family, and our great neighbors right across the street. I'll keep you posted. Hugs.

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