Friday, January 16, 2009


Still freezing outside. I had to run over Patti's to get some Garlic Powder for my chili I made for Jared's birthday celebration that they are having tomorrow. That's what he said he'd like to have. I sure hope it turns out good. I also made him some chocolate bit cookies too. He is 14 today. Anyway as I was coming home I noticed that our garden hose is still connected and that was one of the things they said on TV that you should disconnect when getting ready for winter. I just assumed Terry had done it but I guess he forgot. Well I tried to get it off and couldn't so I'll have to ask my son in law or one of the neighbors to get it off for me, who ever I see first. It's probably frozen. I even went and got a big wrench and couldn't get it. Maybe I'm just a weakling. (Got it off. Jared got it off for me when he came over to get the cookies I made for him. He's a big strong boy) I'd still like to run the sweeper today too. Giving Winnie a bath went really well. She was so good for me. She actually walked into the shower stall when she realized what was going on. She's been doing that for Terry but I didn't know if she'd do that for me. She's just so good. I even let her sleep up on the bed with me on her big blanket last night. She loved it.

This weekend as I said we're celebrating Jared birthday and also going to see his younger brother play basketball before his party and then have the party. No plans for Sunday except Church. Hope you all have a nice weekend. Hugs.

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