Monday, January 26, 2009


Haven't been feeling to well the last few days. A cold and sinus stuff and just not up to par. Didn't even go to church yesterday. I haven't been out much since Terry has been gone cause it's just too darn cold plus not feeling well. Today I was going to attend a funeral for the husband of a girlfriend that I went to school with but just didn't feel up to it either. I'll have to drop her a note. We're supposed to be getting some more snow tonight through Wednesday morning. I hope we don't get too much. Terry is coming home Wednesday evening and I can't even pick him up. Patti and Greg have to go to a basketball game and it's parents night, so our neighbor is going to pick Terry up for me. I'm having a colonoscopy on Thursday so you know what I'll be doing on Wednesday night, staying near the potty. It sure will be nice to have Terry home to take me though, even though Patti was going to take off work. Now she has an off day that she can do what she wants to do. It'll be good to have Terry home period, as I miss him terrible and so does Winnie. I'm washing all Winnie's bed clothes right now and once they are finished I'm going to give her another bath and then run the sweeper if I'm up to it. Having to do this for her is getting old but she's worth it and I do think she's improving. Hugs to you all.

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