Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We had a very nice evening last nite at the Glee Club concert. It was a nice concert with a mixture of boys and girls singing. I have to admit the girls sounded better. I think they enjoyed singing more than the boys did. Jake's solo was great. He did such a nice job singing a verse of "Let it Snow". He's got a nice voice and he's not afraid to sing out. When both the boys and girls choir's sang together they really sounded good. We took Tyler our daughter's middle son along with us and I think he really enjoyed it too. He really likes music and plays guitar so we thought he would enjoy it. We went out to dinner before the concert and I know he enjoy that too.

Today since it's so cold and snowing we're sitting tight and just reading or other things around the house. Too cold (23) to go out anyway. Have a nice day.

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