Monday, December 15, 2008


We had a nice weekend. Saturday we did nothing and Sunday we went to church and then at 2pm we met with Patti and family and in-laws and 2 other grand kids and had brunch and celebrated Adam (9) and Greg (44) birthdays which were on the 9th. We had a very nice time. Then came home and had a nice quiet rest of our Sunday. Today or I should say tonight we are going to see our grandson Jake who is a freshman at Elder sing in a Christmas pageant. Looking forward to that. He even has a solo. Their glee club sings with the girls glee club from Seaton HS which is right next door to their school which is an all boys school.
Well I finally got out my Christmas decorations, well some of them. Got all the window lights and the outside wreath and tree out and have a small tree in the living room. So at least we look somewhat like Christmas now. Still can't find some of our stuff. It will turn up somewhere, sometime. Even had Adam come over and stand on the old car in the garage so we could get the lights in the high up windows turned on. So all the windows have lights on now. That's about it for today. Hugs to you all. Have fun on that computer Lois.

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