Friday, December 5, 2008


Not much has been going on around here. Terry has gone to physical therapy and he's doing it at home too. He's beginning to see progress and some movement in the shoulder but it's very slow and still very painful. I'm feeling better but still tired out and full of congestion. So we've only been doing what is necessary. We did take the van up to get a new water pump put on, so that's something we've been worried about getting done. Stopped at our new Super Kroger's that just opened on the way home. It's huge. It'll be a good place to just go and walk around in, in the winter for exercise. Well I haven't done anything around the house in so long that the whole place needs cleaning, but I'll do it a little at at time when I feel like it. We have no plans for the weekend. We've missed allot of our grandkids games lately but just haven't been up to it. Have a nice weekend all. Hugs.

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