Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Yippee!! Yippee!!! They are finally finished with the room and they are gone and Terry said they did and good job and I agree and it looks great. When the two guys were finished, and Terry said he approved of everything those guys got out of here so fast I couldn't believe it. They were out of here in 2 minutes flat. Can't say as I blame them. They are probably sick of us and that room. I can't wait till we can get the furniture back in the room and out of our other rooms and get back to normal again.
I'm going to get my hair cut today. I've been trying to let it grow and it's driving me nuts so I'm finally giving in an getting it cut. Who am I trying to kid. I'm just not meant to have anything but short hair. Terry said he would take me out to get pizza when I got home since my hair would look so nice. Isn't that nice of him.
I'm still not feeling 100% yet, Still fighting this thing whatever it is in my head and throat and a bit in my chest. It just doesn't seem to want to go away. Well the weather is supposed to turn cooler in the next few days which is not expected so I guess fall is arriving. Well have a nice day.

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