Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday, Football Day

Guess who we saw today? Diane and Tony! We were so surprised. We were just sitting there waiting for the game to start when Diane and Tony walked past and I thought to myself (boy he looks familiar) and then Diane comes up and taps Terry and we realize who they are. I'm still not use to Diane with long hair and no glasses. It was so great seeing them and getting to meet Tony. His son was playing on the team against our grandsons. We lost big time too. The refs were late so we got to talk for a nice long time and it was great. Tony is a real nice guy too. Got to see them again after the game again to say goodbye and hope to get together sometime when Tony is in Cincinnati. After the game we then went to another grandsons football game and then afterward we went with our son and daughter in law and 6 of the 8 kids to grab something to eat. We were going to go to the evening varsity football game but we were too tired and also too cold so we headed on home.
(Thank goodness I had my camera w/ me today. I thought the evening game was parents appreciation night and wanted to get some pictures of parents and players on the field at half time, but it's next week, that's why we didn't mind missing tonight's game.)

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