Thursday, October 23, 2008


Well we finally got our room put back together. The furniture is put back and the shade is up, the curtain is up and the ceiling fan is up and we got all our clothes and stuff back from the cleaners and the only thing left to get done is have the carpet cleaned in the living room, dinning room and hall . That's going to be done next Wednesday.
Another problem has come up. Terry has pulled his shoulder out. He has fallen on it twice before and hurt his elbow and shoulder but the other day when he was starting the blower to blow off the grass he'd just cut, from the side walk, he pull his shoulder out, and we think he has a torn rotator cup and possibly a pulled tendon. Patti was able to get him an appointment with her orthopedic surgeon for Monday. She's knows the staff pretty well from going there for so long (with her knee) and they got Terry in for her. Thank goodness, otherwise he had to wait till the 13th at another doctor. He didn't move any of the furniture by the way, Our son in law and grandson did it all for us. Terry just guided them.
Anyway that's what we've been up too. The weather has been cool but nice and sunny so I've been getting in my walks. Even taking Winnie sometimes. She needs exercise badly and the grand kids have not be very reliable. I do worry about her pulling my side though.
Been practicing my dulcimer and it seems like I'm doing OK until I try to play along with the CD and then I get all lost and can't keep up. So I guess I need to practice more.

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