Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday the 29th

Not much has been going on lately, Just been putting the finishing touches on the room and getting everything back in order. Today is the final thing to be done and that is the cleaning of the carpet in the living room, dinning room and hall. Then we will be done with everything. It's about time!!
Can't really think of much that's been going on. That's why I haven't been writing. Just the same old, same old everyday stuff of cleaning and laundry and stuff like that. Nothing exciting.
Looking forward to Halloween. One of the neighbors is having everyone over for chili and hot dogs before and during Trick or Treating and we'll probably hit that before and then we go over another neighbors and have a bon fire and give out our candy there with some other neighbors including our daughter. We fix Apple Cider with a bit of rum in it to keep us warm and have a good old time greeting the kiddies in there costumes.

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