Tuesday, September 16, 2008


What and interesting and nice day. It started by us trying to take some things back. First a motor to our garage door and the place wasn't open. Then we went to Lowe's to return the flag pole that bent in half in the wind storm. Well they wouldn't take it back. We said it shouldn't have done that and they said it's a act of nature and wasn't made to with stand 80 mile an hr. winds, so they wouldn't take it back. Well Terry got so mad because we've have spent so much money at Lowe's building the shed and remodeling the basement and paint and other things, that this morning he took back a ceiling fan and some other stuff that he had bought for the room where the fire was. He says he'll never spend another cent at Lowe's that he'll start going to Home Depot from now on.
Well back to yesterday, after all our running around we came home an allot of our neighbors were out as some had cut down their trees and Terry asked it they were hungry that we were going to fix some stuff on the grill and we had a bunch of pop. So we ended up inviting them and Patti and family and some others folks that were out and had a good ole time. Thank goodness we had our freezer stocked with brats, mets and hot dogs. Then, Terry ended up getting out his guitar cause one of the guys is really good and we ended up singing songs and having a great evening with all the neighbors. Even the kids got to stay late when they found out they weren't going to have school again today. Some of these neighbors are the same neighbors that took us in when we had the fire and some others that were really nice to us too. We're finding that we have really great neighbors. Disasters seem to bring folks together.

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