Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Evening

Friday night we ended up going to Jonathan's football game after all. The rain stopped and Terry was feeling better and our son called and said he had extra tickets, so we went. Jonathan got to play quite a bit and did really well and they won. It's been a long time since we've been to a high school home football game and I forgot how crowded and how loud they were. Wow, but it sure was exciting and fun. They even tailgate before and after the game.
Saturday we did nothing and today we had a wind storm of all wind storms. Ike showed his claws around here. We had winds up to 84 miles per hour. Terry's new aluminum flag pole bent right in half. We're taking that back to Lowes. Lots of other damage around with trees down and shingles off roofs and siding blown off houses and electric still out all over the place, and allot of schools off tomorrow too. There is 700,000 people without power in the area right now. and this happened this afternoon and it's 10pm now. Made for a very interesting day.
I'm going to get off of here now, so good night.

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