Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday all day

What a beautiful day out. I was just getting ready to take a walk when Terry came home from Lowe's and someone came to give us another estimate, so now I'm waiting till he leaves. We had a nice weekend. Saturday we did nothing except go to Mass at 4pm and then stopped for dinner and then in the evening Terry went across the street for the big fight night. Then on Sunday we went to a grandsons football game and afterwards went with some of the parents and boys to get something to eat. It was a fun day. In the evening I did some reading and I'm almost finished with my book. It's been slow going with all that's been going on around here. We're getting estimates but I think Terry is still going to end up doing all the work himself. Hopefully the insurance company will just give us the money instead of one of these companies and Terry can then do the work. Today I'm going to take my walk and then do some general cleaning around here and maybe actually fix dinner. Have a nice day all. Hugs.

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