Friday, September 5, 2008


I'M BACK!!!! What and experience. We lived at our neighbor's for 4 days and on Tuesday we finally were able to get and electrician in and get the electric turned back on. That way at least we could sleep in our own beds. We still had no food, no TV, no computer and the garage door still doesn't, the motor is fried. We've now had the adjuster in and had some estimates made and we've got our TV, and computer back on so things are moving along slowly but surely. Terry has been working his butt off cleaning up everything which he should have left someone else do but he just couldn't wait. There was insulation all over the house and he has vacuumed over and over to get it up and even in that room, he's cleaned it up too. Knowing him, he'll end up doing all the work instead of letting the insurance company do it. He just can't stand other people's lousy workmanship and he knows if he does it, it will be done right. Well, enough for today. Hugs.

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