Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Praise the Lord we had someone come that Terry thought he could trust and he liked what they said about fixing things and he's going to let them do it. You don't know how happy that makes me that Terry is not going to suffer through doing all that work himself. We also found out where all the water went. It went between the brick and the outside wall of the room and down where there was insulation and settled in there. That's why we weren't able to find any water damage anywhere. Now they are going to have to rip out the drywall in that room out and get dryers in there and remove all the wet insulation and dry everything out first before they put new drywall and new insulation back up on the wall and the ceilings. Someone is coming today to pickup all our clothing and linens and stuff that is in the closet in that room plus a rug from in the hall to take it all and have it cleaned and keep it until we are ready to put back. That's a beginning anyway. We're going to have the room painted the same color as it was and they are going to send someone over with carpet samples too. It's an interesting process that I wish I wasn't having to go through but oh well. S__t happens and ya have to deal with it. Hugs.

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