Monday, September 1, 2008


Well something interesting has certainly happened now, so I'll write about it. I am using my daughters computer as our electricity is out. We had a thunderstorm on Friday and lightning hit our home. We heard it hit and then we smelled it. It was a terrible smell and then Terry felt hot spots in the walls, so he told me to call the fire department. They came and had three trucks and had the big boom above the house and I thought they were going to chop a whole in our roof, but the didn't have to thank goodness, but they did have to cut the ceiling out in our spare bedroom and all the insulation is everywhere. They covered the furniture with tarps but we're not sure if they covered it first or not, we sure hope so. Then they sprayed with water toward the outside through a hole they had chopped outside through the soffit by the gutter. We're lucky there's not too much water damage. The insurance company can't call till Tuesday so who knows when we will get things moving to get repairs started. I just hope we can get an electrician to get the electric turned back on soon. The house is a mess with insulation everywhere from the firemen walking around and carrying it on their feet. We have been living with one of our neighbors since this happened. Everyone has been so nice and has offered to help any way they could. Please keep us in your prayers that the clean up and fix up goes smoothly and that we can get back in our home soon. Hugs.

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