Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Good morning, it's getting hotter as the week goes on. It's supposed to reach the mid 90's by Thursday. Yuck. Well Sunday we visited our old neighbor in the hospital again. She's doing much better and will probably be coming home soon. Then we went over to our son's house and picked up a few of the kids and took them out to late lunch/dinner. The rest of the family was at the pool. We had a great time with the kids we had though and after dinner we went back to their house and sat out in the back yard and watched the kids play basketball and football and just talked. It was a great afternoon, evening with the kids.
Monday we went shopping early and then came home and watched a movie about the twin tower disasters and wow did that bring back all the bad memories. Really sad movie. That was sort of a wasted day then so we ate and then watched TV and read. Today Terry is picking up one of the grandsons, Alex and he will spend the night and then go shooting with him tomorrow. He's been taking a different grandson just about every week lately. They all seem to want to go and are really loving it and having a great time with their grandpa. I'm going to fix Spaghetti and meatballs today as that is Alex's favorite plus Patti and the kids are coming over for dinner also as Greg is out of town so I thought that would be nice too. Take care all.

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