Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday Noon

Alone, a day alone. I love it. Yesterday was sort of hectic and kids were around all day and evening since they came over for dinner, so I'm glad to be alone today. Terry and Alex went shooting and I slept late and it felt so good. I've made some calls that I've been meaning to make to insurance companies and Social Security too since nobody is around. I've also signed up for broadband with the cable company and will start having our cable, phone and Internet all with the same company which will be nice. They will install that on the 28th. I even get to keep my same e-mail address. I wouldn't have changed otherwise. I didn't think I could keep it, so I was surprised when they said I could. They better not come and then tell me I can't. Well once I get finished here I am going to run the sweeper. Then I might take a shower and take myself out to dinner as I know Terry and Alex will stop on their way home someplace. That's part of their day together, shooting and dinner. Well I'm off to do my thing. Have a good day!

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