Monday, July 7, 2008


We ended up having a nice weekend. Did nothing Saturday but watch dogs. Ended up watching Patti's two dog as her In Law were having problems with their new puppy and Patti's Boxer that they always watch so we told them to go ahead and bring her back home and we would watch her and let her out when needed but we decided to just go ahead and bring her over to our house and Winnie wouldn't let her alone. It was hectic. But they got home Saturday evening so it didn't last long. Sunday we went to Mass and then went to visit our old neighbor who is in the hospital again. Please keep her in your prayers. Her glands are are all swollen and her kidneys are not functioning all the way. This happened to her a year ago too only then she was in a coma. This really scary. She is way over weight and is only 40 years old.

Then we finally dropped off our grand daughters birthday present, but only Alex was home. Afterward we stopped for dinner and then headed home. Watched a movie and then I did some reading and went to bed.

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