Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday Noon

Well did we ever sleep in late today and woke to a rainy day, but it is supposed to clear. I was up reading late and then started watching a movie and it was 4am when I finally turned off the light. I was tired but not sleepy. Yesterday we spent the day with some friends running around doing some shopping in the 90 degree weather and then ate dinner at Bob Evans. Got home just in time to get a shower and watch the show "Wipeout". Then I started reading. Today I am ordering the next book in the series which I think Lois has already finished. (I think she's a speed reader lol) I'm hoping to finish the one I'm reading maybe tomorrow so I want the next one to be ready for me. Terry is taking Patti's oldest Jared shooting tomorrow so I'm going to watch the other two while they are gone. So tomorrow will be busy with kids, so I've got to get something done around the house today. I am so far behind on my house cleaning, so I'm going to try and catch up. Have a good day.

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