Thursday, June 26, 2008

Well I'm home all alone today and so far I have done nothing. I did do my dishes from last night since we didn't have any water when we went to bed. Apparently they broke a water main outside our subdivision late yesterday and the water didn't get turned back on till sometime in the middle of the night. I also placed an Avon order which is a gift for my granddaughter. She is really getting into the bath and body works stuff and I've just been playing on the computer and I did pay a few bills too. Still haven't even taken off my nightie or taken my shower and it's almost 2:30. Guess maybe I should be getting on with that. Maybe Terry and Jake will be getting home from their day of shooting to find me still in my pj's. Well I've enjoyed my morning of just lazying around but I think I'm going to take my shower now then maybe do some reading, so hope you all have a nice day. Hugs.

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