Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday Evening

Last night I watched Wipeout on TV and I never laughed so hard in my life at people trying to do stupid things. It was a riot. People getting bashed around and falling into things and into water but everything was padded but it still had to hurt, but I still couldn't stop laughing.

It got hot again today and it's supposed to keep getting hotter as the week goes by. Great!! Just what I wanted to see. I am forever feeling tired and worn out lately. I never use to take naps and now I need one almost every day. I am so far behind on my house cleaning and that is not like me at all. I never use to see dust in my house and now I'm seeing it. I'm getting old I guess and I just have admit I can't do as much as I use to and especially not like I use to.

We had our daughter and family plus Jake our grandson from our son over for dinner tonight and it was nice. Then the water got cut off and I can't even do dishes. I hope it comes back on soon. Jake is spending the night and he and Terry are going shooting tomorrow. I will probably try to catch up on some things around here tomorrow while they are gone.

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