Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Evening

Today was a beautiful day. The weekend wasn't bad either even though we didn't do anything. I finished my book and then I felt lost for something to do. I called the library this morning and they will have the follow up book for me tomorrow on Tuesday. Today Terry and I went up into Ohio and went to the IKEA store. It was fun looking around but it was very fatiguing. Most all the stuff they have is very modern and our stuff is more Traditional I guess, but it was fun looking around. The store is huge. They have everything for the home. Furniture, linnens, dinnerware and much much more. Afterwards we stopped for dinner at Applebee's and used our coupons so dinner was free. Tomorrow is suppose to be another nice day so I'm looking forward to it. Guess I'll do some things around the house and go pick up my book when they call. Good night all.

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