Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Well Terry got registered at the VA and we are waiting to get his approval in the mail.
They said it would take about 2 weeks, so we should be hearing something any day now.
My worst fear is that he will get tested for hearing aids and they won't help. That really scares me. I feel so sorry for him right now. It's been really hard for both of us but I'm sure it's lots, lots harder on him than on me. He feel all alone and so do I. We've had the family over, and I look at him and he's just sitting there and not being able to hear anything that is going on, he looks like a lost sole. I look at him and he looks so lost and alone I just want to cry. What if hearing aid don't help? All I can do is pray that they do help or work for him. It's almost like living alone. You try to say something and he doesn't hear me unless I yell or go over really close to him which is what I usually do or sometimes I just say to myself oh never mind, it's not important, it's just something stupid about the show we are watching or something else that's not really important. I miss him. I miss talking to my husband and my friend.