Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuesday March 26th

Well Terry has been accepted to the VA and has had his first appointment. It went well and everyone was very welcoming. The gave him an abbreviated physical since there was an audiologist available to test his hearing and they realized that might be more important since he is really having a hard time hearing. Well they said his one ear is too too bad and is beyond hope for a hearing aid but the other one a hearing aid will help and they took forms of his ears and then ordered hearing aid for him. The hearing aid in the really bad ear will be a speaker and when someone is on that side of him the speaker will send it to the other hearing aid so that he hear it. He goes back April 17 to get the hearing aids and to also see an ENT doctor. So, That's where we are on that. He seems to be doing OK but a bit down and frustrated sometimes and I guess I get frustrated to at times when I say things and he says I didn't hear a word you said. It's sad and I feel for him. Hopefully the hearing aid will really help. I pray that they do. Not much else going on. I've been loving this warmer weather but for some reason I haven't been getting out. I think I'm spending too much time on the computer. I never get off till after 2:00 and that's bad to start my day that late. Well I've got to get off here. Hugs.