Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 24th Catching Up

Well it's been a while since I've written. Terry is doing fine and so is the puppy who is now almost 9 mos old. She's still a little stinker and keeps us hopping but we love her to death. She's a sweetheart. Terry was still having some pain in his upper stomach after his surgery so they did and upper GI and they found a small
poplip or growth and he is having that removed on Feb. 9th. They say it's no big deal. Will be just like the upper GI was. They said it was not cancer but the thought is still in the back of my mind and will be until the surgery is over. Once it is over, I will feel better when they tell me for sure it is not cancer.

We went to a dentist which we haven't done in many years. Well I have a full upper denture and I only had on cavity but Terry had a mouth full of problems and they were talking like $7,000.00 to fix it all. WOW. He hadn't be in probably over 15-20 years, but still, we couldn't believe it. They were talking crowns and partials plates and fillings a bunch of cavities I don't know what all. He did say he'd work with us and and that he would give us a 20% discount if we paid cash as I told him we were on a fixed income and he said maybe he could work with Terry in other ways to bring the cost down to. Terry is still deciding on what to do. He may just go somewhere like 1-800-Denture and get some pulled and get a partial there instead as it would be allot cheaper. We just haven't decided. I think he wants to wait until after his surgery to decide. So for right now the dental work is on hold.

As far as the kids are concerned they are all doing well. Christmas was great. We had a really nice one with all the grand kids and all the family. Our one grandson Jake who is a senior, is having surgery on his knee tomorrow, for 2 torn minces which he tore during football season. So he's having that fixed. I hate that he's having that done during school season but I guess he'll get around OK. I'm not sure if it's his left or right. If it's his left maybe he'll still be able to drive maybe. Have to see. He usually drives our old van, so we'll just have to see which leg it is and what the doc says anyway.

I'm doing good. Got a new cell phone for Christmas and I can now take pictures and can also text and I really like that. It's taking me awhile to get use to texting, but slow but sure I'm catching on. Well that's about it for now. Take care all.

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