Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's been going on

Well Terry had his surgery on Sept 21st and they took out 2ft of his colon. He was in the hospital 5 days. When he came home it was really hard and I was really overwhelmed. Having to take care of him and the puppy really was a strain on me and I had a bad time with it. I was ready to get rid of the puppy. She was almost too much for me to handle. Before, Terry did everything for her. He's the one that got up early in the morning and took her outside and also took her for a walk and did everything for her and now I had to take care of her and Terry and she is a very demanding puppy and was really having a hard time with it all. I lost it a few times and we were on the brink of giving her away. Anyway Terry is coming along pretty well now from the surgery but we went to our family doctor yesterday as he's been lightheaded and passed out a couple of times. He has no appetite and nothing tastes good to him and he's still losing weight. Well I've got him on Gator Aid now and since that he's been doing much better, so he thinks he's been dehydrated and also having problems with his sinus and drainage and that also could be causing part of his problems. He put him on a food stimulate to see if it will make food taste better and make him want to eat and also some stuff for his sinus problems and we'll go from there. Hopefully he will get better and start gaining some weight and want to eat. By the way Patti is now doing pretty good with her knee replacement and she and her family have been helping me some which is great and the puppy is doing OK too and Terry is now able to help me with her too, but she is still a handful, but I guess all puppies are. She is now 6 mos old and gets fixed on November 1st. We've missed allot of football games this year with Terry having surgery and all. I've made it to a couple but I sure hope the grand kids understand and hopefully we'll be able to see more next year.

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