Saturday, July 16, 2011

Still worn out!!

Lil Rosie is still wearing us out. We can't take our eyes off her and we've got to take our naps when she does or we don't get one. She doesn't like my cane and loves to chew on it and I keep trying to tell her no no but she is not listening and I'm afraid on of these times she going to make me fall when I try to move forward and she's got hold of the cane and it won't move. I've even gone to using an aluminum one so he doesn't ruin my wooden one. You'd think after so many no no's and getting pulled away from something, she'd learn to stay away from it. I guess she finally will in time.

Went and saw Josh Groban in concert last night and Patti went with me. Terry dropped us off and Greg, Patti's hubby picked us up, which turned out great. The concert was wonderful. Josh was great! Wow what a voice. I love listening to him sing and not only can he sing but he has a great personality and a great sense of humor too. I had never been to a concert before but this one sure was a wonderful one to go too. It was just great. I'm sure glad I went and Patti loved it too!!! Hugs.

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