Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday March 21st

Well things are looking up a bit. Terry's MRI didn't show anything, so that was nice. So the doc put him on some other new medication and it seems to be working to the point that he can control the headaches so they are not to to bad, which is good. He hasn't had one that was a screamer since the doctor put him on these meds. Now he's got a sinus infection, so I called this morning and asked if they would call in an antibiotic for him for that. Maybe if he get rid of that, he'll be OK. We can only hope. Meanwhile I have caught a cold and have been miserable the past three days. I do feel a bit better today, so I'm hoping it's on it's way to feeling better. We're going to go out with our friends tonight which we haven't done in awhile. Terry's headaches have really been ruling our life's and keeping us from doing much of anything, so we are going to try going out tonight. We have to grab our times out when we can. When he's feeling good and hope a headache doesn't come on.

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