Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday January 3rd

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We went out shopping on New Years Eve and then stopped to eat and then came home and spent the evening here. We were going to meet up with Michael and his family but it just didn't work out and we didn't like where they were going to eat so we went on our own. Saturday evening Terry had a group of friends over to view the UFC fighting matches on TV pay per view. Usually they go over our neighbors but since Terry has the basement finished he decided to invite them to our house this month. Our son and his wife came too and so did Patti and Greg and the kids. I'm not into it so I stayed upstairs but I could tell they were all having a good time by the amount of noise they were making. I guess they were cheering on the fighters. At one time though, I did put on my PJ's and went down and teasingly told them I couldn't sleep cause they were making too much noise, and they thought that was funny. I then stayed downstairs for awhile and enjoyed myself with them all. It was pretty late by the time they all left. Terry had made pulled pork and it was all gone and my cheese ball was all gone too and so was all the other stuff we had. They must have been a hungry group. Sunday night we stayed up late watching "Sara Paylin's Alaska" till 3:00 am. It was really interesting. I didn't get up this morning till 11AM. I love being retired. Hugs.

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