Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17,2011

Well here it is Monday and I don't have much to talk about as we didn't do much this past week except celebrate one of our grandsons 16th birthdays. Now once he learns to drive I'll have one more to start worrying about once he's out on the road. His other grandpa has promised him his old pickup truck once he learns to drive so he's got wheel's already, he just has to learn how to drive. He's been promised this truck since he's been 3 years old. He'll just have to learn how to drive it too as it's a stick shift. Nice old truck, but still in pretty good shape. Nice starting car for a kid if you ask me. Not good in snow though, so I hope he's slow in learning and the snow is gone by the time he gets his license. Other than that not much going on. Terry is putting the finishing touches on the basement and it's really looking nice. He finally put an extra railing going down the stairs and it sure makes it easier for me to get up and down now. So I have been going down and using my exercise bike now, which is good, but not for my knees. They've been hurting, but I'm hoping with more use they will ease up. Well, have a good week. Hugs.

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