Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Dec. 20

I know I'm supposed to write my blog today but I really have nothing to write about. We really have not been doing anything. We have been staying home. Yesterday one of our grandsons did come over and spend the day with us rather than have to go with his parents to his younger brothers basketball tournament which lasted all day and I mean all day, and it was the day before too. They didn't get home till 10pm. He was a joy to have. He and Terry were down in the basement playing Play Station most of the day and evening. I made some fudge and it was a bummer so I have to make more. It seems like everything I make lately turns out bad. Maybe I should just quit. That would be fine with me. lol. Today I have my yearly appointment with my heart doctor and then we're meeting our friends for dinner. That has become the bright spot in my week. Hugs.

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