Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday November 15th

Well what can I tell you about today. I sure have been loving the nice weather that we've been having up until Saturday. Terry and I were getting our walks in down by a walking track down by the Ohio river and yesterday was the first time I finally was able to finish the whole thing. Usually I go half way and stop and Terry finishes it and gets the car and comes and picks me up, but I was determined to make it yesterday and I did, even with a fall and boy were we walking slow by the end but I made it, and I wasn't hurt. It's a little more than a mile.

Saturday we went to a football game at Thomas Moore Collage to watch our grandson who is a freshman. He didn't get to play too much, but the last play of the game he had an interception and ran it for about 40 yards. That make it all worth it. They did win the game and by the time the game was getting over the wind was blowing and it was starting to get really cold and we were glad it was over. I was getting really cold.

I'm loving my new car by the way. Never had one with all the accessories like this one has. It sure is sweet. It will last me a long long time.

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