Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I forgot to blog yesterday so I'm doing it today a day late. Sunday we had a family reunion on Terry's side of the family. Not a big one, just the immediate family but we never get us all together. I can't remember that we've every done that or if we did it's been so long ago that we don't remember it. Well anyway we held it over at our son's home and we supplied all the drinks and meat and desserts and everyone brought a side dish and our daughter-law made quit a lot of extras also. She was a real trouper. It really worked out nice. Everyone came and it was great seeing the cousins that hadn't seen each other in years and their kids too. It wasn't a very nice day, as it keep spitting rain off and on so thank goodness we had it a our son's as they have a large home and we could keep going in and out. It never did really start pouring so we were very lucky that way. I think a good time was had by all and the food was all great. By 7PM I was worn out and we were the first to leave. Seems like us old folks are always the first to leave anymore. Oh well MS and a husband with a bad back will do that to you every time.

Monday night we had dinner with out normal group of friends plus 2 as the one couple is now home from Florida for the summer and they all came back to our home for dessert as we had some cheese cake and cookies left over from Sunday and Terry was going to do some gun work for one of the fellows. So the men went downstairs and we woman stayed upstairs and had fun laughing and telling stories. It was a fun evening. After they left I got a phone call telling me my only living Uncle died. That ended my day on a very sad note. My uncle was a great and a wonderful man and I shall miss him very much.

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