Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Seems like we've been doing allot of running lately. One day we went over our sons to take lil Olivia her birthday present. She turned 4 last week. That turned into a nice visit. Then Saturday we meet our neighbors from our last house that we haven't seen since we moved and two of their girls for lunch. That was super nice. It was great seeing them again and it was great catching up and talking about old times and all. Their youngest is now 15 and when we moved in up by them she was only 3, so she has really grown up right before our eyes. They use to come over and play with our grand kids when they came over. It was so nice seeing them and I can't believe we'd lost contact with them since we moved. I'm so glad we reconnected. We've missed them. I'm sure now we'll stay in contact.

By the way this whole weekend we also were watching Patti's 2 dogs as they ended up having to drive down to Mississippi for a funeral as Greg's aunt passed away. It was Greg's Dad's sister and they were really close, so we had three dogs all weekend. They were really pretty good. Then on Sunday we went over my dear friend's that I grew up with, Laverne and her hubby's house and got together with them which is always fun. Then on Monday we met with our friends that we're going to take our train trip with in late August. Yes, we're taking a train trip out west to see Yellowstone and the Grand Teton National Parks. It's a 10 day trip and we're really excited about it. Now, today is our regular day to meet with our friends for dinner. I'm hoping tomorrow things will slow down. I'm just not used to all this going all the time. But of course I do like not having to cook all the time though, so that part I'm loving. It's been raining here again. We've been having allot of rain this summer. It's been great for our plants. Terry planted some cucumber and tomato plants in my flower garden and they are doing great. We've gotten some cucumbers already and also some lil cherry tomatoes but not big tomatoes yet.
We've missed having our own garden, so this has been nice.

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