Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday June 1

We have Hummers!! We went and bought a red hanging basket to hang right next to the humming bird feeder and the other night I turned my chair around, right near the time I thought they would come and just sat there and watched and sure enough one came. I got so excited. All it took was some flowers up near its feeder to attract them. I knew they had to be in the area as I've seen other people with feeder hanging out.

We spent our weekend at a funeral for our old neighbors brother who passed away. We went Friday night and then again on Saturday, so it kind of took most of those two days. Sunday we went to the first Mass of Fr. Matt who was a deacon at our parish and just became a priest on Saturday and celebrated his first mass on Sunday afternoon, so we went to that. It was a beautiful mass. To see him bless his own parents was quit a wonderful feeling that I can't explain, but wow. To be blessed by your own son!! That must be a wonderful feeling. Anyway we wish Fr. Matt all the best. Hugs.

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